The Sthlm Comtes de Champagne Vertical ’06-’88

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

We have for a long time tried to get hold of the ‘Comtes de Champage’ with age. Which has been a dilemma when the company historically had to improve the finances of the company as they sold a lot of Taittingers grapes to others. Whereupon also sold out almost everything they had in the cellars. Since 2002, however, Taittinger started to build a new reference oenothèque of ‘Comtes de Champagne’. Here we have a situation similar with ‘Cristal’. Buy everything you come across, and early. If you do not plan to pay quite a lot for your mature ‘Comtes de Champagne’, of course.


We assembled an initiated tasting group with a sharp sense of Champagne in general and ‘Comtes de Champagne’ in particular at The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin in Stockholm to taste a small but very exciting vertical of Comtes de Champagne.

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