The most expensive cocktails ever?

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Unusual champagne, rare liqueur and jewelry. Cocktails with a high price tag are both a PR ploy and a delicious treat. We list five of the most expensive drinks created.

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When bartender Joel Heffernan at Club 23 in Melbourne created the drink Winston in 2013, he broke the Guinness World Record. To drink it, a payment of 12,040 Australian dollars was required, corresponding to about 85,600 sek. It was at the time the most expensive cocktail the world has seen. The drink, named after Winston Churchill, consisted of Croizet cognac from 1858, the unusual Grand Marnier Quintessence liqueur and even more rare Chartreuse V.E.P.

If you want to taste it, you have to mix at home, Club 23 is closed today.


Diamond Is Forever Martini

Anyone who wanted a Diamond Is Forever Martini at the now closed bar Uncorked in New York had to ask for the drink three days earlier. This is because each individual glass contained an custom-made engagement ring which in turn required a meeting with a jeweler specialist. The idea was the bar owner Andy Goetzs who served the romantic gesture in exchange for 10,000 dollars, close to 105,000 sec


Martini on the Rock

However, the sum of $ 10,000 can still be paid for another, similar cocktail: Martini on the Rock at The Blue Bar. The historic hotel The Algonquin in New York created the drink in connection with a major renovation and relaunch in 2005. This also requires a three-day margin so that the hotel’s jewelers have time to create the jewel before the mixologist takes over.


Ono Champagne Cocktail

In the capital of extravagance, Las Vegas, there are of course lavish cocktail menus. At Encore Wynn Hotel’s nightclub XS, it’s also possible to drop $ 10,000 on an Ono Champagne Cocktail. In the drink itself, Charles Heidsieck Champagne Charlie 1981 and cognac Louis XIII by Remy Martin Black Pearl are found. Expensive drinks certainly, but the amount is rolled up by the jewelry that is included. A pair of cufflinks in sterling silver for him or a necklace of 18-karat gold with a black pearl for her.


The Diamonds Are Forever Martini

What do you get if you mix or shake Absolut Elyx vodka with a splash of freshly squeezed lime juice and put a diamond of one carat in the bottom of the glass? Well, another martini that sparkles extra. With its price tag of 2 million yen, a little over SEK 154,000, The Diamonds Are Forever Martini qualifies as the most expensive cocktail of them all. If such money burns a hole in your wallet, you should head to The Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo. The price also includes a live performance of the old Bond film song while the drink is served.

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