The inhabitants who drink the most wine?

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We love statistics and lists – but also know how deceptive they can be. That’s why it is with a little applause that we publish the list of the world’s ten most wine-drinking countries – per person. First of all, we don’t know if they count on everyone over the age of 18 – as an example. But it might do the same if they count the same in all countries. In any case, we rely on the wine world’s main statistical body – OIV.

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‘How is the world’s wine consumption actually doing? Despite the fact that in all major wine-drinking countries it is consumed less and less, sales are increasing. What is happening?’

The trend is clear: in the largest wine-producing countries in Europe – Italy, France, Spain, Germany – wine consumption is decreasing. Nevertheless, more wine is sold than ever in the world in total. The explanation is that wine is consumed in more and more countries, while we in Europe generally drink less – but better. And that beer consumption has increased.

Even in Sweden, we drink a smaller amount of alcohol in total – and so also wine. Two years ago, we drank an average of 27 liters of wine per person. In 2021, we will be below 26 liters – and thus Sweden is no longer on the list of the ten most wine-consuming countries per capita.

In terms of total wine consumption, the United States leads by far with 33 million hectoliters per year – ahead of France and Italy which are both at around 35 million hectoliters. In the United States, wine consumption is also increasing. This is followed by Germany, Great Britain, Spain, China, Russia, Argentina and Australia.

Here are the ten most wine-drinking countries in the world – per person and year;

  1. Portugal – 51.9 liters
  2. France – 46.9 liters
  3. Italy – 46 liters
  4. Switzerland – 35.3 liters
  5. Austria – 30.6 liters
  6. Australia – 28.7 litres
  7. Germany – 27.5 liters
  8. Spain – 26.2 liters
  9. The Netherlands – 26.1 liters
  10. Belgium – 26 liters

Source: OIV (International Organization of Vine & Wine)

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