The Elements of Champagne – a de Sousa Documentary

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Björnstierne Antonsson

What happens when you take the reins of the family business overnight? Watch the trailer.

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In this documentary film, we show the moving story of three young people who face a challenging life task during the changing of the four seasons: Due to the worsening of their father’s health condition, the three siblings Charlotte, Valentin and Julie must step into  his big footsteps as a renowned winemaker in Champagne overnight. And although they have spent their entire lives preparing for this moment, the sudden takeover of the family business brings numerous unforeseen challenges.

It’s a film about the invisible bond between siblings who, like elements with their very natural powers, shape the magic of champagne making. 

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[ watch the trailer – The Elements of Champagne – Documentary -How to blend earth, fire and water ]

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