THE DECALOGUE OF CHAMPAGNE – ‘Ten golden rules for enjoying champagne to perfection’ by Richard Juhlin

Picture of Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

In short, ten golden rules that Richard Juhlin as a top expert give readers to enjoy Champagne in the best possible way. 

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Many people wonder why champagne costs more than other types of wine. This has largely to do with the rigorous quality-assurance regulations and costly method of champagne production. The costs of the bottle, the cork, the grapes, the processing, and the aging make it impossible to sell champagne at a lower price. Most aspects of wine are matters of people’s preferences and tastes, but if you consider what you might pay for certain red wines from Côte de Nuits and Pomerol, champagne is not all that expensive.

   It is the case with most major champagne houses that vintage wine is the best buy. Add another $10 and you will get a wine several classes better than their nonvintage champagne. Prestige champagne is most often a step more refined and concentrated, but the price seldom guarantees a difference in quality.



Regardless of what champagne you choose, you always need to make sure the wine is in good condition. You should preferably avoid buying a bottle of champagne that has been stored upright in the shop, as the cork can quickly dry out, spoiling the wine. Unfortunately, this advice is difficult to follow, as many shops are unaware of this fact. 

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