The cherry blossom

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

The cherry blossom in April in our beloved Stockholm means that the spring finally has arrived.

The cherry trees in Stockholm are in bloom and attract thousands of tourists and Stockholmers to Kungsträdgården to take pictures of the dramatic colors in central Stockholm.

We celebrate that with an appropriate bottle of roséchampagne;

mv Deutz ‘Rosé Sakura’

TASTING NOTE ‘This property is among the most beautiful in Champagne, and even the wines are extremely distinguished. The style is laid-back, elegant, and sophisticated, with a medium body, crystal-clear fruit, and an exemplary mousse. A new non-vintage rosé champagne with depth if as yet a rather too young Pinot character with 8% Aÿ Pinot for colour. Cherry and beetroot dominate over raspberry and strawberry up to now, but time will change all that and a warm vanilla-draped beauty is going to show itself in due course.’


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