The champagne @ the Nobel dinner’13

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

The Nobel Dinner at Stockhoms Stadshus is the biggest official dinner in the world. What will be served on the palates and in the glasses? This use to be a well kept secret. But this year the info on the champagne got out already: Champagne Gaston Chiquet ‘Cuvée Tradition Brut Premier Cru’.

RJ ON GASTON CHIQUET Nicolas Chiquet planted his first vines in 1746, and since then eight generations have tilled Dizy’s soil. Gaston Chiquet registered the company in 1935 and expanded the property with land in Aÿ, Cumières, and Hautvillers. The current owner, Claude Chiquet, controls more than twenty-three hectares, which he runs together with his two sons. They are best known for making one of very few Blanc de Blancs from the Pinot village of Aÿ. Keep your eyes open for old magnums.

GASTON CHIQUET ‘CUVÉE BRUT TRADITION 1ER CRU’ | Aÿ | Champagne | Frankrike | Gaston Chiquet | 20PN 45PM 35CH | swedish importer: Vinovativa  

TASTING NOTE ‘A somewhat one-dimensional but well-made, robust non-vintage champagne with an appley, cinnamon-scented style. Slightly inferior quality for a time, but once again in good pear-fruity form during 2007.’ RJpoints 69(77)

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