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Intellect in all its glory, perpetuating healthy habits is an important key to success. So what do the world’s most successful people eat for the most important meal of the day, breakfast?

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Richard Branson

British entrepreneur Richard Branson is known for his adventurous personality. But when it comes to the morning meal, the routines are strict. After waking up at five, a bowl of muesli and mostly fruit salad awaits. From time to time it is replaced with “kippers”, i.e. herring that has been in brine before being cold smoked. To this, of course, the Englishman drinks a cup of tea. Light and nourishing.


Barack Obama

Toast. Porridge. Fruit. And eggs, sometimes as many as six. A fairly ordinary, but solid breakfast that feels appropriate for a leader. The fact that former President Barack Obama manages to keep up his hectic work schedule is said to be due to the healthy lifestyle he keeps everything revolving. Something Obama avoids, however, is coffee. Instead, start the day with water, orange juice or green tea.


Bill Gates

It’s all a bit eyebrow-raising, that the person who was long considered the world’s most powerful businessman seems to have really unhealthy morning habits. According to Bill Gates’ ex-wife Melinda, the Microsoft founder and philanthropist rarely eats breakfast at all. If anything slips down, it’s usually a bowl of sugary Cocoa Puffs.


Elon Musk

Like Bill Gates, the founder of Space X and Tesla has a tendency to skip the first meal of the day. On the mornings they have a breakfast menu, however, it is significantly healthier, and consists of an omelette. The eggs are best washed down with coffee.


Jack Dorsey

The wellness habits attributed to successful software developer Jack Dorsey are almost infamous. The co-founder of Twitter said for a long time that he started the day with two boiled eggs and soy sauce. Nowadays, he swears by intermittent fasting – reducing the hours of the day when you eat in favor of the hours when you don’t. Something that led to both breakfast and lunch being deleted from the meal schedule. Dorsey claims it helps him focus and sleep better.

The Champagne breakfast …

Champagne breakfast is a special breakfast served with champagne. Champagne breakfasts are served in Sweden at bachelorette parties, when you graduate, on Valborg fair night within student life, after the wedding or on other special occasions. Other accessories besides champagne can be sandwich cake, scones, croissants, cream cheese with different flavors, slices on toast with smoked salmon, sour cream and caviar.

But be aware no sweet stuff with the Champagne! Delete the waffles, strawberries, fruit salads.

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