Tasting note 13,000 !

Picture of Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

13,000 champagnes is really a dizzying number and in my case I do not see 13 as an bad number but a lucky number as that number will be the subtitle of my life’s most powerful book project ‘Champagne Magnum Opus’. One month before the deadline, I reached this unbelievably high number after receiving outstanding support from the champagne producers who showered my home with superb bottles to taste & assess.

It is striking how many new treasures are emerging with a focus on ecology and biodynamics. Extremely many champagne producers today work with oak barrels and the vineyard wines are so many that it is impossible to keep up with the turns. A special thank you to them for nowadays adorning the back labels with almost all the information a champagne lover could wish for.

PRE-SUMMER DAY On the 5th of June, I and my closest group in Champagne Club will have the final blind tasting before the book’s final script is submitted, but already yesterday we had a rehearsal in glorious Swedish early summer weather in and outside my villa outside Stockholm. Because the weather was so magnificent and nature literally exploded in light green sheer early summer splendor and white-flowered fruit tree bouquet, I took the opportunity to orchestrate four different perfect Champagne Hikings on the shadow side of the plot with optimal magnum champagnes for the time being.

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