Sommelier for a night? Pink Ladies!

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

We invited our dear friends Anette Rosvall Karoline Nordefors to select their own five champagnes for our champagne list. 

mv BOLLINGER ‘ROSÉ’ | Aÿ  | 70PN 10PM 20CH  | RJpoints 82(86)

TASTINGNOTE ‘They have spiced the white standard champagne with a little delicious red wine from the most famous locality at Aÿ. The result is a modern and charmingly easy-to-drink, elegant rosé that can at first glance be mistaken for rosé wines from less personal houses. When aired, Bollinger’s famous nutty and apple-influenced complexity appears, reminding one that this is not any old nightclub bubbly but rather an excellent gastronomic wine.’

mv BILLECART-SALMON ‘ROSÉ’ | Mareuil-sûr-Aÿ  | 40PN 20PM 40CH  | RJpoints 79(86)

TASTINGNOTE ‘As opposed to many other wine writers, I do not believe that this wine should be drunk in its infancy! After five or six years more years in the bottle, the salmon-pink color gains an orange tone. The elegant, fruity nose gets deeper and nuttier, the flavor more serious and prolonged. A half bottle—with a cork as straight as a rod—at the Tour d’Argent restaurant in Paris in 1993 was outstanding. Not the same quality after 2005.’

mv GOSSET ‘GRANDE RÉSERVE ROSÉ’ | Aÿ  | 44PN 56CH  | RJpoints 88(92)

TASTINGNOTE ‘Big and powerful like all of Gossets wines. Somewhat rustic and one-dimensional with aromas that mark it as a grower produced wine. The bouquet evokes thoughts of red apple peelings and plums. The sensation is very round and compact to the palate. Sometimes to malic.’

mv EGLY-OURIET ‘ROSÉ’ (dérgorgemnent july’13) | Ambonnay  | 80PN 20CH  | BJpoints 92(94)

TASTINGNOTE ‘A mature rosé champagne from the best Pinot Noir-grower of today?!  Probably the foremost grower of Pinot Noir in the entire Champagne region nowadays. His Pinot vines give this wine extra weight and density. The fruitiness is massive and soft, and the potential for maturation is enormous.’

2002 BILLECART-SALMON ‘CUVÉE ELISABETH SALMON ROSÉ’ | Mareuil-sûr-Aÿ | 55PN 45CH  | RJpoints 88(93)

TASTING NOTE ‘Crystal clear and charmingly fruity. Will be magical. Today a promising wine that far too many will drink too early. Billecart is one of the masters when it comes to rosé Champagnes. Great elegance, good grip, and the vintage’s richness are all there without taking over. A very exciting wine to follow in the future.’

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