Premiere ’08 Veuve Fourny ’Cuvée du Clos Notre Dame’

Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

It’s always great to catch up with a producer that launches their tête de cuvée from the vintage 2008 – now it is time for ’Cuvée du Clos Notre Dame’ from Veuve Fourny in Vertus.



The weather gods were in their best mood this year, and the vines remained unusually fresh from the attack and gave a very good harvest- ing. An absolutely gorgeous vintage that has it all! Best vintage since 1996, and unlike the tart 1990s, there are wonderful wines directly with their delicious fruit intensity and match- less balance. All the ones I tasted from the vats are magical, and I have a hard time imagining nothing other than buying everything you see of this vintage. So far the leaders are Diebolt- Vallois fleur de Passion ahead of Vouette & Sorbée and Michel Turgy, but many giants will surely win over them.

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