Premiere – A champagne from the legendary La Côte aux Enfants plot, a Grand cru from Aÿ.

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Richard Juhlin

Last week Richard Juhlin & Björnstierne Antonsson had an extraordinary premiere tasting with Denis Bunner & the Bollinger team with their new release – 2012 Bollinger ‘La Côte aux Enfants’.

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The history of the cuvée

  • A champagne from the legendary La Côte aux Enfants plot, a Grand cru from Aÿ.
  • Ever since 1829, Champagne Bollinger have strived to make the Champagne terroir ever more perfect, and their identity is clearly expressed in the wines they produce. Through continuous research and innovation, Champagne Bollinger have enriched their understanding of the many profiles of La Côte aux Enfants vineyard in Aÿ, a legendary plot of land established with great perseverance by Jacques Bollinger himself between 1926 and 1934.
  • Aware of the vineyard’s potential, it became Champagne Bollinger’s ambition to produce a great vintage champagne, made of 100% Pinot Noir grapes from the north-west side of the hillrevealing the otherwise hidden side of La Côte aux Enfants vineyard.
  • La Côte aux Enfants Champagne, Bollinger’s first single plot cuvée, offers fine wine enthusiasts a truly unprecedented tasting experience. La Côte aux Enfants joins Champagne Bollinger’s Pinot Noir collection, alongside the PN cuvée and the Vieilles Vignes Françaises.

‘The grapes originate from the north-west side of a unique, two-hectare monopole’

Denis Bunner, chef de cave

2012 Bollinger ‘La Côte aux Enfants Champagne’

A great vintage champagne which originates from a unique parcel in Aÿ, with historic significance for Champagne Bollinger

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