Premiere 2006 Henriot ’Cuvée Hemera’

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

The House of Henriot is one of the rare Champagne houses that have stayed in the same family for over two hundred years. For over 210 years the Henriot family has symbolised the innovative approach and high standards of a champagne house that has remained independent.

For the first time the quicksilver in the termometer fell below 0 in our home town of Stockholm. On this windy & icy could Tuesday morning I went to RJs house to do a digital tasting with new chef de caves at Henriot – Alice Tetienne. [Read about her background here]


THE NAME A definite jewel in the Henriot portfolio, its name is a tribute to the Greek Goddess of day and light, HEMERA. The fruit of a unique vintage, together with a blend of six iconic Grands Crus Champagnes, this Champagne – more than any other – epitomises Henriot’s luminous style.

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