Premiere ’05 Bollinger ‘La Grande Année’ & ‘La Grande Année Rosé’

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

On May 5th it was time for the Swedish premiere of the new vintages of Bollinger La Grande Année 2005, and La Grande Année Rosé 2005. For this reason, we we’re invited to a tasting with a specially composed lunch. Chef Björn Frantzén @ two star Guide Michel restaurant ‘Frantzén’ had prepared a three course lunch for us: Also present was Bollingers head winemaker Gilles Descotes.

THE VINTAGE 2005 **** – It was very good weather during the flowering that year, which was then followed by rain and high heat. Just in time for the harvest, the temperature dropped and it was dry and sunny. Particularly the Chardonnay grape excels this year with freshness and a flowery tone. From the start, a really charming vintage that most people love. They are seduced by the sweet and soft richness, whereas I stay more hesitant. It has a bit too much baby fat and sweet coconut notes, which camouflage the terroir and fresh- ness in order for my taste buds to go into a spin. Excessive mess factor! Uncertain of how much to dare to save in your basement of this vintage, but it is worth taking a chance with Bonnaire, Agrapart & Fils, David Leclapart, Louis Roederer, and Jacques Selosse.

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