Premiere – 2012 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill

Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

It’s with great joy and anticipation that I unbox a new vintage of the classic legend Cuvée Sir Winston from Pol Roger. Now it’s time for the 2012 to take place on the Champagne scene. Will it match up with its historical siblings ? Only time will tell !

Richard Juhlin on Pol Roger

When the foremost ambassador for Champagne, the deeply missed legend Christian Pol-Roger retired from the scene we were many who were afraid that Pol Roger would lose its status. But with majestic and sportyLaurent d`Harcourt at the helm the quality is salved. Winston Churchill’s favourite domain was established in 1849 by Pol Roger, who was succeeded by his sons, Maurice and Georges. At the turn of the century the Roger family changed its name to Pol-Roger. Maurice was the mayor of Épernay during the week-long occupation of the town by the Germans in September 1914. Despite German threats to shoot him and burn down the town, he remained defiant and was later hailed almost as a saint in the town. He was voted honorary mayor for life.

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