World Premiere – 2008 ‘Cuvee William Deutz’ at Wedholms Fisk

Picture of Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

I do not know how many launches of new champagnes I have experienced on the computer in my office this year. Constantly these zoom meetings where you see face-covered winemakers on the screen before the sound is in place. So it was with great joy and enthusiasm that I, together with a dozen wine journalists, marched into the classic Wedholm dining room to taste the 2008 ‘Cuvée William Deutz’ together with other people ‘in real life’.

The Swedish importer Mårten Boreson had succeeded in relocating the world premiere to Stockholm. Of course, it was not as usual when Deutz’s wonderfully timeless CEO Fabrice Rosset was only with us on the big screen from Aÿ. We took our seats with a good safety distance and the conversation revolved directly around Corona and its impact on aroma and taste. We found that most of us both had the devilish infection and temporarily lost our sense of smell. Fortunately, we are now almost completely restored so the enjoyment could start. Wedholms Fisk is one of my favorite restaurants and Deutz is, as you know, one of my absolute favorite houses.

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