Poached turbot à la Tommy Myllymäki

Picture of Tommy Myllymäki

Tommy Myllymäki

Swedish top-chef Tommy Myllymäki gave us some inspiration for our New Years Eve Dinner – Poached turbot à la Tommy Myllymäki.

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Tommy Myllymäki

Tommy Myllymäki created ten dishes for Champagne in our new epic book ‘Champagne Magnum Opus’. The dinner was called ‘The Feast’ (‘brakfesten’ in Swedish).

Tommy Myllymäki has been running the AIRA restaurant at Djurgården, Stockholm, since 2020 and is the author of a series of basic cookbooks that have become modern classics. After the successful books on sauces, vegetables, fish and meat, now comes the crown of the work, a newly written menu book after this year’s four seasons.

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