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Richard Juhlin

We proudly present our new premium partner, Swedish shirt makers – Berkeley Shirts – Devoted to Quality™.

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Berkeley Shirts

‘We are devoted to quality. Every detail matters. We put all our knowledge, passion, and effort into our shirts. Just to fall in love with them. To make them be like our favorite song, food, or film. Things we never get tired of. That’s what we’re trying to do. And we do it with love.’

Jan Borghardt, Board Member & Senior Advisor

While most people start their journey in the world of alcoholic beverages in their teenage years, Richard’s started his at the age of eight. He tried four different Riesling wines during travel with his parents to the world-renowned Moselle Valley in Germany. With a few adults, he was the only one to identify both the differences in terroir and vintage between the four wines. 

‘The most important thing was that I realized, at such an early age, that specific geological origins and vineyards could taste completely different. That basic fact still fascinates me the most in the Champagne region. Different Grand Cru villages lying next to each other, expressing totally different flavors, nuances, and even structure.

Like many great people before him, Richard’s talent is a combination of genetics and hard work. While his father had an incredible computer-like memory, fascinated by talented people in different fields, his mother was sensitive and more passionate. 

“I think I’m a combination of my two parents. I have the sensitive parts on my mother’s side, which I’ve really tried to develop. But also connected to this computer memory that I have from my father’s side. It’s a good match.”

But even though Richard discovered his gift at such an early age, it took some time before he used it to discover the world of Champagne. He was the odd one out, coming from a strong Swedish tradition of hard liqueur and drinking just to get drunk. He has always been drinking for the joy of finding details rather than anything else. 

‘My first step was starting with Spanish Cava and some other sparkling wines just because of the basic fact that I couldn’t afford real Champagne. However, on a trip in 1986, I went here to the Champagne district with some friends, and I fell in love. I brought this love and passion back to Sweden and started to learn. I read every book I could get my hands on, all of them in English. I knew every phrase, reading them from cover to cover.

For years Richard’s interest in Champagne continued as a passion project. While working as a schoolteacher, he spent a large portion of his salary and spare time deep-diving into the world of Champagne. Reading books about Champagne, dreaming about Champagne, tasting and discussing Champagne over blind tastings and dinners with friends.

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