LOISIUM Hotel Champagne – Sparkling, inviting, cozy

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Björnstierne Antonsson

Loisium Mutigny

TheChampagneSommelier stayed at The LOISIUM Hotel Champagne in Mutigny for a couple of nights in June. [read the full champagne story] 

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Bordering on a forest and the endless sea of vines, LOISIUM Hotel Champagne sits on a scenic hill. Witness naturality reinvented and celebrate savoir vivre. You can enjoy 101 rooms & suites, a spa club with outdoor pool, meeting rooms, the brasserie plus a bar and immerse yourself in the pleasure of French lifestyle.


Unique in architecture and design, each of our hotels is one of a kind. The concepts of our renowned architects express respect for traditional and established elements, while integrating new and modern approaches.


A pool with a view over the sea of vines, a sauna on the vineyard hill and specially created beauty & health treatments — doing nothing has never been so rewarding, the perfect symbiosis of recharging your batteries and inspiration.


The hills & vineyards of Mutigny is perfect for discovering the pleasure of Champagne Hiking.

[read the full champagne hiking story here] 

My hunt for new champagne experiences has brought me to the most beautiful and exciting places. My favourite memories are linked to the moments when I enjoyed well selected champagnes in harmony with the beauty of nature. For a long time I have been analyzing why a certain champagne tastes best at a particular time in a particular place. Travelling to optimize champagne experiences is the starting point for the book. I have called this concept CHAMPAGNE HIKING.

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