Lés Fa’Bulleuses ‘Cuvée ISOS’

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

An exciting new cuvée from Lés Fa’bulleuses – Cuvée ISOS – a group of female winemakers. Who are the Fa´Bulleuses ? ‘Lés Fa’Bulleuses’ (English – Fa’Bulous) consist of seven female Champagne producers who a few years ago decided to start a and the first wine association of winemakers in Champagne in order to share their passion for ‘bubbles’, and also to share and exchange experiences and challenges they have has Champagne producers. They have all 7 separate,  individual Champagne brands but for this occasion they have come together as one group – the Fa’Bulleuses – or  the Fa’Bulous!

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