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Prestige Cuvée Par Excellence | New Larurent-Perrier Grand Siecle No.26 Available

The above quote accompanies Wine Advocate’s 96+ score for Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle No.26, which is the house’s latest release. This is therefore both your opportunity to get involved the first time it is offered for investment through RareWine Invest. And it is your opportunity to get your hands on a Champagne based on the marvellous 2008 and 2012 vintages. Oh, and did we mention Richard Juhlin scores 97 points?

Laurent-Perrier ‘Grand Siècle Itération’ n°26

42pn 58ch

65% 2012 – 25% 2008 – 10% 2007

‘A wonderful and extremely subtle youthful masterpiece to wait a really long time for. Therefore, it feels a little unexpected that one of my most reliable and skilled journalist colleagues has named Iteration no 26 the world’s best wine this year with a perfect 100 points. He doesn’t mean now, does he? Or? Reading that note makes me even more convinced that I’m doing something absolutely right, and strangely unique, that awards two different points. A note for the wine’s current quality at the time of tasting and one for its highest level when one day it is at its zenith. 

Because it really was, that wonderfully harmonious calm Thursday morning in November that the entire team of winemakers and managers at Laurent-Perrier agreed with me and Ulf Nilsson that we absolutely preferred all three magnum bottles of Iteration no 24, 23 and 20 at the moment which stood next to the 26th when these noble drinks require storage! 

Most impressive is the wine’s silky seamless texture and perfect pearl necklace mousse. The florals are enormously beautiful with intense perfume from Capri’s and Sorrento’s lemon trees, acacia, lilies of the valley and the first newly sprouted wild honeysuckle on Marstrand. In these floral kingdom’s most beautiful and most complex perfumes, green citrus, Tahitian vanilla and honey are the main ingredients and these aromas are also evident on their own after half an hour in the glass and a few spritzes of fresh chilled wine. The freshly laundered sheets are also included in the profile. However, the bready side and the roasted, yes almost grilled aromas we were so clearly met with from the magnum bottles are absent at the moment. Sublime, dense and ultra-stylish.’

Drink after 2027-2040.


Champagne Club by Richard Juhlin

‘The Richard Juhlin score cements the quality of this 2008/2012 multi-vintage Champagne. Predecessors have led the way and the price appeals to any investor.’

Rare Wine Invest

[Read the full story by RareWineInvest]

What is Grand Siecle?

Grand Siecle is something as unconventional as a prestige cuvée based on several vintages, so it is not technically a Vintage Champagne.

Grand Siecle was created in 1959 under the direction of Bernard de Nonancourt. According to him (and thus Laurent-Perrier), the idea of Grand Siecle is based on the observation that nature and even the exceptional vintage will probably never give us the perfect oenological year. With the art of blending multiple vintages, Laurent-Perrier aims to create one through each new iteration of previous vintages.

The Grand Siecle’s composition is based on three principles that have become immutable today:

  1. A blend of three exceptional years that complement each other.
  2. A blend with a predominance of Chardonnay complemented by Pinot Noir and selected from 11 of the 17 existing Grand Crus in Champagne.
  3. A blend that has benefited from more than 10 years of ageing in the cellars.

The first Grand Siecle was composed of the 1955, 1953 and 1952 vintages, but it was not until the 22nd edition (based on 2004, 2002 and 1999) that they actually made a virtue of differentiating the bottles and labelling the edition number.

In this investment tip, there is an opportunity to invest in Grand Siecle No.26, which is based on the giant vintages 2012 and 2008, supplemented by the 2007 vintage.

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