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Richard Juhlin

Welcome to the champagne world’s instagram!

The new concept is as simple as it is wonderful for the champagne lover;

You post your own champagne experiences in different places. Find a great spot, take a picture of an open bottle and glass when you drink champagne. Post it in the app. Share it in the app & social media, build your own champagne community. Post Your tasting note & score & read Richard Juhlins tasting note & score. 

Have fun with Champagne Hiking!

IN THE NEW APP You will find; more than 13,200+ unique tasting notes & scores by Richard Juhlin [you can put in your own tasting notes], You can enjoy ’Champagne Hikings’ [post your own hikings, build champagne clubs with friends, follow leaderboards, read the book Champagne hiking, listen to all the chapters in the book, post them on social media etc]

THE CONCEPT ‘Champagne Hiking’ is available in both as a book & a new app [both for iOS & Android]

ACCESS if You are already a member in Champagne Club, You can use Your log-in & password to get full access of the app.

Champagne is the language of luxury.

This is your dictionary.


The site feature Richard’s own ranking system [ including ratings of more than 13,200+ champagnes ] Learn the language of champagne connoisseurs worldwide with the vintner’s alphabet from Henri Abelé to Vranken.

The Champagne library is the ideal tool to select and buy the champagne best suited to your own nose and palate, due to the vivid and comprehensive descriptions of the champagne houses and the individual wines and vintages.


  • vintage guides year by year [ ‘which will rank the highest ? ’88 or’90 ?’, etc ]
  • best champagnes by vintage [ ‘the best of all the ’96s ?´, etc ]
  • producers per villages [ ‘who is who in Ambonnay ?’, etc ]
  • champagnes by score [ ‘what’s the highest scoring champagne of all time ?’ ]
  • The Juhlin top-100
  • no of producer profiles [898 ]
  • no of brands [6,503 ]
  • no of villages [247 ]
  • no of unique tasting notes [more than 13,200+ ]
  • vintages [from 1825 Perrier-Jouët ’Sillery Vinothèque’ to 2017 Roses de Jeanne ’Côte de Val Vilaine’ ]


My hunt for new champagne experiences has brought me to the most beautiful and exciting places. My favourite memories are linked to the moments when I enjoyed well selected champagnes in harmony with the beauty of nature. For a long time I have been analyzing why a certain champagne tastes best at a particular time in a particular place. Travelling to optimize champagne experiences is the starting point for the book. I have called this concept CHAMPAGNE HIKING.

There is an increased understanding that all of our senses contribute when we experience pleasure. Factors such as location, company, and mood will affect the overall experience. When attending play or concert, this has long been a matter of course, but within the world of gastronomy this is a fairly recent realisation. This revolutionary idea is championed by fantastic food creators such as Heston Blumenthal, at The Fat Duck. As the guests take the first bite of a wonderful seafood dish, they might be offered sounds of waves hitting the shore, seagulls shrieking, and a light mist smelling of the sea. If he could, he would move you to the beach where the oysters were collected. While physical transportation is impossible, the divine champagne in the cooler bag will momentarily move your being the to the optimal location, one bottle at the time. And I will tell you how.

100 places – 100 champagnes

In the book & app I’ve visited, together with my dear champagne loving photografer Pål Allan, the 100 most beautiful places on the planet & tasted the 100 most glorious Champagnes. A labour of love that took, from start to finish, almost 3 years.

Champagne Hiking is an invitation to enjoy discovering new spaces, a journey that will take you to new places, further afield, higher, deeper, stronger, right to the beating heart of Champagne, within each one of you. The sensations created through the tasting are liberated and amplified, through a new relationship with nature.’ 

‘This is the ultimate Champagne experience, going full circle, from nature to nature. For an emotion, a revelation to yourself: become a humble element of nature, be in harmony with nature. Something intimate, intense and memorable, something you will want to share. Such is the magic of Champagne; such is the magic of Richard Juhlin. Thank you to Richard, and please enjoy Champagne Hiking without moderation!’

Richard Geoffroy former legendary Chef de Caves at Dom Pérignon – Hautvillers

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