Krug ‘Crémant’ – a very rare champagne

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Very rare vintage sparkling champagne Krug. Anecdotally, there is not a single bottle at the property. This is a non-vintage champagne which was developed ephemeral and limited before and after the war and then only for a few years between 1974 and 1978 before banning the use of words in Champagne sparkling wine.

Recall that the sparkling ‘Crémant’ are champagnes which is imparted a pressure lower than that of a plain in the second fermentation in the bottle (secondary fermentation). This feature gives a creamy smoothness to the wine and especially the foam that is often true lace.

This wine was sold in the 70s to lower prices ‘Cuvée Private’, the ancestor of the ‘Grande Cuvée’. Only a few restaurants and loyal customers from home could get it. Dress yellow gold, still vivid. This is a very good champagne, very elegant, lively but full, lemony, with a wealth of undeniable constitution. However, it has an unusual character for home air Krug. The most advanced bottles, but still a nice foam, have a more pronounced and vinous nose with aromas of coffee. Many bottles tasted, 90s until 2007 for the last, always good tasting notes. As they are not vintage, it is difficult to date them accurately but they are probably from the 60s and 70. Note that some bottles have labels indicating a capacity of 75 cl, 78 cl other which should allow to date them differently. If the label indicates a rapid maturity to the ‘Crémant’ Krug experience shows that this does not prevent a long and successful aging in bottle. Crémant is a rare Krug champagne worth looking to discover the singularity.

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