Italian summer’21 according to Richard Juhlin

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Richard Juhlin

Read about Richard Juhlins fine wine & champagne experiences during av couple of summer weeks in Italy. The trip went from the high peaks of the Dolomites to the rolling plains of Tuscany.

It’s hard to imagine anything more wonderful than a holiday spiced with fun enjoyable work in Italy. My oldest friend Henrik and I had been planning a car trip through Europe for a few months, but realized quite quickly that despite vaccination passes, it was wisest to stick to one country. We have been traveling together since we were teenagers, but this time was the first time we traveled with our older children without women and young children, which undeniably increased the possibilities for a little more advanced extravagances.

As the football maniac I am, I have had a huge turnaround when it comes to scoring destinations and finalists. The champagne club’s energy bundle Björnstierne Antonsson says that I can expect a phone call from Bet 365 soon (!) In 1990 I was in Germany when they won the World Cup gold, in 1992 we were in Stockholm where the European Championship final took place. In 2000 I was again in France when they were playing the final. In 2006 I was on the border between Italy and France when the World Cup final was played with Zidane and Materazzi in the lead roles, in 2010 we were in Portugal near the Spanish border when Spain became world champions. In 2018, we were at Grand Place in Brussels when Belgium a little sleepily snatched the bronze to be on the Champs Elysées in Paris the next day when Mbappé and the boys became world champions. Since I tipped Italian gold in this year’s long-awaited European Championship, we took a chance on an early morning flight to start our Italy Tour match day on July 11 in Milan. You know how it went!

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