Investement tip; 2014 Perrier-Jouët ‘Belle Epoque’ [collaboration by RareWineInvest]

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Investment tip from our premium partner RareWineInvest – 2014 Perrier-Jouët ‘Belle Epoque’ [Read the full story by RareWineInvest]

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The structure of this cuvée recalls the grace of the Carnation, an emblematic motif of Art Nouveau. Its notes evoke the delicacy of this flower.

SÉVERINE FRERSON – chef de cave Perrier-Jouët

Only Richard Juhlin has consistently tasted his way through Belle Epoque, and unfortunately, he has not yet tasted and assessed the 2014 vintage. Even though the 2014 Belle Epoque has not yet been rated, it is highly sought after. According to wine-searcher.com, 2014 Belle Epoque is currently the third most popular 2014 vintage Champagne – based on search frequency. Only surpassed by 2014 Cristal and 2014 Bollinger La Grande Année.

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