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’99 points for the latest Salon release, and the price point is still nowhere near matching its Burgundian counterparts … ‘

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2013 Salon is release number 44 in the house’s 120-year history, and according to Champagne Salon itself, 2013 arrives like a Greek god – an “insolent beauty”. And while healthy scepticism should be applied to the perception of such a statement from the producer’s own mouth, the critics back up the postulate. And so it is a fact: 2013 Salon. Greek god. Insolent beauty. Ready for investment for the first time through RareWine Invest.

The Salon Tension Can Finally Be Released

The world has been eagerly awaiting the latest Salon release, which is obviously because Salon has cemented its rightful place as the producer of one of the world’s best Champagnes. Add to this the fact that a Salon release is certainly not an everyday occurrence.

The 2013 Salon has been on the market for a few months, so why is this the first time it’s coming up for investment? First of all, Salon is a crowd-pleaser, which is why it takes time to procure investment-grade quantities. Furthermore, high expectations and demand, especially for the hyped releases, can lead to fluctuating prices, making price formation difficult, and thus challenging to assess when the price reaches a level suitable for investment. 

We believe the price is now finding the right level, which is why you now have the opportunity to invest in 2013 Salon for the first time through RareWine Invest. The cheapest offer for 2013 Salon on Wine-searcher.com is currently € 1,054.5*. Your price is € 1,000*.

*Ex. Duty VAT and tax. In full cases and perfect condition.

The Quest For An Exceptional Champagne

The story of Eugéne-Aime Salon is rooted in a stubborn and quality-driven character who did not stop until he had achieved his goal. And so, in 1905, Eugéne Salon succeeded in presenting his first vintage Champagne made entirely from Chardonnay. It was the world’s first blanc-de-blancs. And it was the first chapter in the adventure of the magnificent Champagne Salon, which has manifested its worth among the world’s absolute best Champagnes.

Eugéne was uncompromising in his pursuit of an unrivalled champagne, which is why only very small quantities were produced to meet the demand for quality over quantity. In the beginning, only Eugéne’s closest relations were able to enjoy the delights. In the 1920s, however, Eugéne began selling his Salon Champagne to the most exclusive venues in Paris, and his Salon treasure was well received.

Salon is only released in vintages where the quality of the grapes is good enough. This was the case when Eugéne was in charge of production, and it still is. Only around 60,000 bottles are released when the Salon releases come out. Salon is for the exclusive few champagne lovers who are lucky enough to get near them. Because the iconic green flakes with the golden “s” on the label are in high demand.

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99 Points And Almost Perfect

Already at the beginning of this article, the stage was set for how formidable Antonio Galloni from Vinous thinks this 2013 Salon is. He recognises it with 99 points, which is only surpassed by the 2008 Salon, which scored 100 points, while the score matches the one Vinous awarded the 1996 Salon. Richard Juhlin gives the 2013 Salon 97 points, and Wine Advocate follows suit.

‘The 2013 is the most powerful, dense young Salon I have ever tasted […] In a word: Magnificent.’

Antonio Galloni – Vinous

Across the three scores, 2013 Salon scores 97.7 points, and as the chart below shows, it is therefore in the top three of the last 10 releases. Note that Salon releases can be few and far between, which makes it all the more desirable.

Tasting note by Richard Juhlin

2013 Salon ‘Cuvée S de Salon’

‘It is, of course, hugely exciting to meet each new vintage of Salon blindly with good champagne-savvy friends. That’s how I met this beauty too. Reviews differed, with several finding the wine too developed and soft, while others praised the approachability and class. I am not entirely convinced that I understood the champagne completely correctly. It is clear, however, that the style is more directly appealing and less sour than before with a Grand Siècle-like texture and aroma profile. Here, at the same time, there is a super-concentrated Mesnil fruit and a velvet carpet that is extremely rare from this light and stylish year. Don’t be afraid to stock up as you usually do with Salon, but we’ll let the future tell how big the profit is.’


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