Investement tip; 2008 Bollinger ‘La Grande Année’ Magnum [collaboration by RareWineInvest]

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Investment tip from our premium partner RareWineInvest – 2008 Bollinger ‘La Grande Année’ Magnum [Read the full story by RareWineInvest]

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What you should know about investing in the

2008 Bollinger Grande Année Magnum

2008 is a reference vintage in Champagne, and almost all the major champagne houses have released their releases. This means that supply has probably never been lower than it is now. But even if the opportunities to get hold of the 2008 champagne are generally becoming fewer and fewer, that’s not the only thing that makes this case interesting:

The best so far: With an average rating of 96.7 points, 2008 is the best prestige cuvée Bollinger has released (see the table of ratings from launches this millennium at the bottom of the email. Earlier vintages generally have lower scores). 12.9% average annual return. Over the last five years, the last 10 vintages* have produced an average return of 83.7%, corresponding to an average annual return of 12.9%.

Buyer’s market. In many ways, there hasn’t been much to celebrate in 2023, which has also taken its toll on the Champagne trade.

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