House champagnes @ Jaan – Singapore

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

In the last guide ‘The 50 Best Restaurants in the World 2014’ at place 100 we find Restaurant Jaan in Singapore. Appointed as Krug’s first restaurant Ambassade in Singapore, JAAN’s Chef de Cuisine Julien Royer presents an exclusive menu which complements the fine craftsmanship of Krug’s champagnes. JAAN will also offer the full range of Krug, including some vintage bottles that were previously unavailable in Singapore. See the menu here.

They serve two of our favorite Champagnes by the glass:

Krug ‘Grande Cuvée (03 base) │REIMS │KRUG │50PN 15PM 35PM │ RJ 92(94)  

TASTING NOTE ‘Krug’s nonvintage wine costs about $150. They themselves would rather call it a ‘multi-vintage’. Almost every time one I drink Krug Grande Cuvée, some new element is revealed. Because it’s been blended from ten different vintages and forty-seven different wines from twenty-five crus, variation is understandable. However, I have only missed spotting it on one occasion at a blind tasting, proving that its basic character is unique. The extremely tough acidity, together with the heavy, rich Krug aromas, are the foremost clues. Always check how straight the cork is in order to decipher when it was disgorged. When young, the acidity can be too hard. When middle aged and older, the Grand Cuvée has a fabulously complex nose and palate, dominated by nuts and honey. The aftertaste is always long and majestic, like a great symphony. The best bottles deserve even higher points than I’ve given here.’  

Ruinart ‘Brut Rosé’ │REIMS │RUINART │55PN 5PM 40PM │ RJ 74(79)  

TASTING NOTE ‘Previously a sorry case, but now in the new, round bottle even this wine has received a proper facelift. Truly fine house style with biscuits and toast along with opulent, compact fruitiness.’

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