Friday Chamapagne 21.0 – Paul Sugot Vieilles Vignes

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This week it was time for Champagne Friday 21.0 – Friday Chamapagne 21.0 – Paul Sugot Vieilles Vignes

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Paul Sugot accourding to Champagne Club by Richard Juhlin


Founded in 1901 and today run by Olivier Sugot. He has 5 acres of high quality Grand Cru Chardonnay. One of my most recently discovered shooting stars that I got to know through the champagne lover Anders Svensson’s guidance. Olivier Sugot is a wonderful albeit a bit introverted Frenchman who is a fifth generation winemaker from the Sugot family. He makes serious and patient champagne according to a convinced philosophy. No eco-champagne, no oak barrels, malolactic fermentation and really I would characterize the style as champagne that people made most in 1960-2000, but with senseless storage patience and from fantastic vines in nice locations in the Côte des Blancs. He makes only three different champagnes: A vintage-named Vieilles Vignes where the oldest vines are 112 years old with 12 years on the yeast precipitation and a non vintage Vieilles Vignes from equally old vines that have 10 years on the yeast precipitation and have a slightly higher dosage. And finally a more normal Blanc de Blancs with five years of storage in the cellar. Incredibly rich and buttery champagnes with great depth and enormous rumbling richness of taste. Of course, there is not the same elegance here as with the very best, but the thoughts go directly to a more rustic form of mature Salon. 3 or 4 stars? I can not really decide yet.

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