Fast food for the champagne lover 1.0 ? Wild Boar Rilette !

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Chef Mikael Einarsson is a gastronomical hero. You will find him as the gastronomical leader chef @ Björn Franzéns new stylish Brasserie Astoria in Stockholm. Here’s his take on rilette !Well fast food & fast food … its time consuming to make this rilette. But once its in the jar, its fast service!

RILETTE or usually rillettes is a kind of pâté that is stringy in consistency. It is based on some kind of meat that is cooked in fat, comminuted by hand or in a machine, salted, peppered, seasoned. Sometimes rillettes are also flavored with wine or other alcoholic beverages.

Time consuming, but ridiculously simple. If you store your rillette in the fridge under a protective layer of lard, it lasts up to a month. But once the ice protection is broken, it should be eaten within the next few days.

The following recipe is from the book ‘Expedition Mathantverk – från stoppad korv till nedgrävd tupp’ from 2012 by Mikael Einarsson, Henrik Franke & Gustav Lindström.

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