Fast food for the champagne lover 6.0 ? roast bone marrow !

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Chef Mikael Einarsson is a gastronomical hero. You will find him as the gastronomical leader chef @ Björn Franzéns new stylish Brasserie Astoria in Stockholm. Here’s his take on a version of bone marrow & toast !

One classic that I often go for when in London is the bone marrow service at Fergus Hendersons (the master of from-nose-to-tail) restaurant St John in Farringdon. After more than twenty years of serving roast bone marrow to his guests at St. John in London, chef Fergus Henderson has not lost his enthusiasm for the dish that has become shorthand for his aggressively humble style of cooking. While the bone marrow “has taken on a quality of its own” as an all-time classic, Henderson remains committed. “I suppose I’m married to the dish. It’s very close to me.” He adds: “There’s never a dull moment between me and the bone.”

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