Fast food for a gentleman 5.0 – brandade of smoked cod

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

This weekend TheChampagneSommelier wanted to make something classic to fit as a partner for a really full-bodied Pinot-driven Champagne. After a tour down to his local fish monger the decision was easy when he spoted a beautiful cod from Lofoten in Norway. we put a small portioning the smoking cabinet. The dish: Brandade of smoked cod with oliviade and croutons.

Brandade is an emulsion of salt codolive oil, and usually potatoes. It is eaten in the winter with bread or potatoes. In French it is sometimes called brandade de morue and in Spanish it can be called brandada de bacalao (‘morue’ and ‘bacalao’ meaning salt cod). 

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