Easter tasting ?

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Richard Juhlin

So this Easter, you may be sitting with your loved ones and wondering which champagne to choose for Easter dinner. My suggestion is that you ask your partner to go and get a couple of champagnes from the cellar that are served to you blindly.

Unpretentious blind tasting is one of the most fun and developing things you can do as a champagne lover. If you are unsure of how to proceed and how to think when you try, here is a taste of a small section from my upcoming book Champagne Magnum Opus which I just finished this morning.

This is not a dogmatic order, but you can of course address the various issues in a different order. I still want to say that all the seven basic questions should be taken into account before you guess what you got in the glass. Good luck and feel free to give me feedback if my tasting method made it easier for you. I myself have asked my daughter Stella to pick up a battery of goodies from the fridge with new varieties to taste for the book.

Juhlin tasting staircase in 7 steps

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