e-mail on a Monday …

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Björnstierne Antonsson

Mondays are always interesting. Opened up my lap-top & browsed trough the inbox. Got an interesting e-mail today;  

‘I have a 1982 bottle of Champagne Cuvée Dom Perignon. I inherited it from my father who bought it when it was released on the market. It’s just collecting dust and no family members want it. I have no idea of condition other than it has been stored on it’s side in a dark area. Please advise!’  

My only answer is; chill it – drink it !

What to expect? Read the tasting note below.

1982 Dom Pérignon ‘Cuvée Dom Pérignon

TASTING NOTE ‘Tasted about 30 times since released in May 1988. This wine is easy to identify at blind tastings. It was developed relatively slowly and has an even quality from bottle to bottle. The complex nose has a perfect balance between the Pinot and the Chardonnay. Exhaust fumes, mushroom cream, orchid, and orange are some of the most obvious aromas in this medium-bodied Champagne. Time have been kind to this beauty.’


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