Covers? 2nd version? 3rd version!

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Sometimes You hear a song that grabs a hold of Your heart. What You don’t realize is that You are experiencing a second version, a cover, of something that You feel is something grand and fantastic. The swedish singer Papa Dee was interviewed when he realeaced ‘The tide is high’ and the journalist said ‘it’s fantastic that You’re making a cover of the blondie-song!’ ‘Blondie?’ he replied … ‘Oh no, it’s The Paragons version from the sixties.’

I had the exact experience with the following trio. But I must say that I love Titiyos version from 2013 from the Swedish TVshow ‘Så mycket bättre’.


Imagine in the future when we can have three version of the same wine, from the same vintage?!

2008 Dom Pérignon ‘Cuvée Dom Pérignon’

2008 Dom Pérignon ‘P2’

2008 Dom Pérignon ‘P3’

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