Constance – the champion of fine wine in the Indian Ocean

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Richard Juhlin

When our son Leo was two years old, we left the winter darkness and ended up by chance at Constance Prince Maurice in Mauritius. In addition to the fact that the whole place radiated generosity, joy, service and luxury, we were amazed at how child-friendly the fantastic resort was.

Of course, there are always more factors that determine which resort you choose and normally I usually check the wine list and have it as an important factor in the choice. That time we had with us several wonderful champagnes that would fit in the tropical heat and I actually had no idea that Constance Prince Maurice had the largest and most well-kept wine cellar in the Indian Ocean.

When I drank a deliciously fresh chardonnay from Felton Road at the restaurant the first evening, I understood that the transport to the island must have been impeccably handled. That was when I was introduced to the man behind one of the hotel world’s finest wine collections, Jerôme Faure. The next day we had dinner together and he showed me the ultra-modern wine cellar that looked like it was taken straight from a Bond movie. Jerôme told about the meticulous refrigerated transport where every single bottle of wine is flown from the wine region directly to the resort without stopping. The entire Constance group is a French creation and the founders have a huge and genuine interest in food and wine.

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