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The Newest Expression of Moët & Chandon’s Founding Vision [read the full champagne story] 

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Created to commemorate the Maison’s 280th anniversary, and to honor the dream of founder Claude Moët, this multilayered champagne – a brut nature inspiring the new concept of Haute Oenologie – is the newest representation of Cellar Master Benoît Gouez’s virtuosity.

‘Création No. 1, base 2013, is the first cuvée in a line of champagnes that comprises Moët & Chandon’s new Collection Impériale. Our founder Claude Moët conceived the Maison, rooted in champagne-making excellence, for his time as well as for the generations to come.’

Benoît Gouez – Cellar Master, Moët & Chandon

Today, our reserve wine library, one of the largest in the region, has allowed me to craft this creation, which encapsulates the depth of time. Anchored in our 280 years of savoir-vin, it is a blend of seven remarkable vintages, uniquely produced, selected, aged through different maturation processes and harmoniously assembled: a new expression made possible by our craftsmanship whose foundation lay on Moët Imperial. I am proud to present Collection Impériale Création No. 1 as the ultimate composition to date of Moët & Chandon’s art of Haute Oenologie.

Benoît Gouez – Cellar Master, Moët & Chandon

In honor of its 280th anniversary, Moët & Chandon is delighted to present Collection Impériale Création No. 1, a timeless creation of intricate complexity. This cuvée is the inaugural release in the Collection Impériale line launched this year to celebrate the milestone. A product of Moët & Chandon’s centuries-old savoir-vinCréation No. 1 is the pinnacle of the Maison’s practice of Haute Oenologie. This champagne is made from an assemblage of remarkable vintages, aged through different maturation processes in oak casks and on the lees, in bottles. An emblem of this ancient craft, it pays fitting tribute to the founder of Moët & Chandon, Claude Moët, who laid the foundation upon which the House was built in 1743, establishing a visionary champagne House where champagne-making excellence is a cornerstone for both contemporaneity and the future, leading to today’s new expression of Haute OenologieCollection Impériale Création No. 1, a champagne crafted for eternity. 

The newest expression of Moët & Chandon’s art of champagne-making

Haute Oenologie is a term coined by Moët & Chandon to describe the winemaking expertise perfected by the artistry and virtuosity of the House’s Cellar Masters over generations. It goes from the Maison’s precise vinification science and selection of the best vintages, aged through different processes – selected strategically to elevate each champagne – to the ability to assemble them harmoniously and mature them in the historical cellars, with passion and patience, respecting the flow of time. 

This craft, the founding vision of Moët & Chandon, has led the Maison to host, today, a vast reserve wine library, one of the largest in Champagne: a tool with which the current Cellar Master, Benoît Gouez, reaches into the depths of history. It is rooted in the 280-year-old artistry of the House that produces champagnes of exceptional quality and complexity, characterized by their harmonious blend of flavors, delicate aromas, and refined, enduring finish. As such, Haute Oenologie epitomizes the newest expression of Moët & Chandon’s savoir-vin

A spontaneous brut nature champagne 

Collection Impériale Création No. 1 is a blend of seven remarkable vintages, each with singularities, and each carefully evaluated and aged in distinct environments to enhance its individual qualities. Their intricate assemblage begins with the fresh 2013 Grand Vintage, aged in stainless steel tanks, complemented by the refined 2012, powerful 2010, tense 2008, full-bodied 2006, lively 2000, aged in oak casks, and finished with the elegant 2004, bottle aged on lees after its second fermentation. Leveraging the art of selecting, aging, blending, and maturing – with no added sugar at dosage – Collection Impériale Création No. 1 is a brut naturechampagne, delivering a pure expression of its flavors.

A new cuvée entitled Collection Impériale Création No. 1

The newest expression of Moët & Chandon’s Haute OenologieCollection Impériale Création No. 1 is a multi-layered champagne that transcends the perception of time: achieving harmony between the freshness of youth and the maturity of age, it is complex yet accessible. 

Collection Impériale also pays tribute to the House’s own “Imperial” heritage, born from the relationship initiated in 1801 by Jean-Remy Moët, grandson of the Maison’s founder, with Napoléon Bonaparte, and nurtured over the years with the Emperor and his entourage. In 1869 when the House created Moët Impérial, it unveiled a champagne so distinctive that it suitably honored that “Imperial” relationship and went on to become the House’s signature blend.

At the same time, Collection Impériale Création No. 1 also salutes the future. It sets in motion a countdown to Moët & Chandon’s 300th anniversary, a momentous milestone that will be reached in 2043. Beginning with the release of No. 1, a new Création will be revealed every two years, enriching, over time, the portfolio of Collection Impériale.

Technical details and tasting by Cellar Master Benoît Gouez

Collection Impériale Création No. 1 exhibits a captivating deep, bright yellow hue, reminiscent of a canary diamond. Its aromatic profile is initially reserved, gradually revealing intriguing tertiary, reductive, and mineral dry notes such as licorice root, mocha and toast. As it unfolds, secondary aromas of madeleine, fresh hazelnut and vanilla, then luscious fruit, emerge, accompanied by hints of dried fig and Mirabelle plum: flavors that evoke a concentrated, candied citrus evocative of fruitcake, and developed over time.

‘On the palate, the maturity of Collection Impériale Création No. 1 shines through: it offers a generous and serene experience akin to a beautiful home opening its doors.’

It envelops the senses with an aromatic sweetness that embraces its creamy and delicate effervescence. The champagne’s palate expands, delighting with an interplay of freshness and bitters. The finish is earnest and lingers on notes of smoke and licorice, leaving a mouth-watering impression of freshness.


Moët & Chandon was founded in 1743 by Claude Moët and elevated to international renown by his descendant, Jean-Remy Moët, who dreamt of “sharing the effervescence of Champagne with the world.” From royal court to red carpet, Studio 54 to Grand Slams, 

Moët & Chandon has been bringing people together around thrilling, extraordinary moments. With the largest, most diverse vineyards in the region, the House offers a universal & versatile portfolio of champagnes for every occasion and palate. Easy to love, each creation in white and rosé – from the iconic Moët Impérial to the refined Grand Vintage Collection, from the refreshing Moët Ice Impérial to the gentle Nectar Impérial, and the multilayered Collection Impériale, the newest expression of the House’s art of Haute Oenologie – dazzles and delights with a broad spectrum of flavors and aromas to capture the astonishing breadth of its terroir. Through Natura Nostra, Moët & Chandon’s long-term sustainability program, the House works to protect biodiversity in the region and, since 2009, Moët & Chandon also supports philanthropic initiatives through Toast for a Cause. For nearly three centuries, Moët & Chandon has been the champagne of choice to mark both significant events in history and personal celebrations, enhancing each toast with the spark of effervescence. 

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