Chronicle: the summer – a mere memory

Picture of Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

I’m sitting right now and looking out over a quiet and breathtaking natural area outside my window on Lidingö. It really is the calm before the storm. So quiet, so harmonious, still dominant green, only with small lovely touches of ocher yellow and autumn redness. I have just been and left my little Leo in kindergarten, in the same privileged scenic natural park and was struck by the harmony of the whole nature and all the positive people who seem so rested and eager to get started with all of their lustful work projects after the power-collecting holiday break of this summer. I love this time in the middle of September when the sun is still warm, but not too hot to sit in at a lunch serving. The wasps are gone and the air is high and clear, the desire to workout and the clever incitement spirit pervades most of us this time of year.

Tomorrow it is election day and it seems like people love the time just before the election and walk around with the feeling that all the best is ahead of us. A new start, fresh breezes and improvement. Rather illogical really because all parties are so similar to each other and too cowardly and weak to bring about a real change if that is what they really want. Do we not have it quite good really? I would like to have something strong political to burn for, but I believe that politics in a functioning democratic country like Sweden is extremely overrated. It is important to vote yes, but I am convinced that today we are formed much more by international trends, media noise, globalization, cultural trends and spirit of the time than political issues. What if you could vote for the Weather Party which shortened the Swedish winter, then I would feel the same commitment that so many unaccountable do today. From an international perspective, we only have an enormous problem in this amazing country. Our climate and our location right next to the North Pole!

We are very soon there. In the midst of darkness and the chill polarizing inhospitality distant from the Mediterranean July heat that apparently made people so excited and happy this year. It seems that people seriously think that three weeks, oh yes there was actually no more, I’ve checked, of days with a temperature above 25 degrees is enough that we can consider ourselves with five months of freezing. Maybe I should not express an opinion because I was not home one single day during this heatwave. Tru to my habit I took the family to the Mediterranean for a month because I did not dare to risk the holy common holiday to rain away. Yes it was a wrong decision this year. I know! I would have happily experienced the archipelago night where you could be out overnight just in a t-shirt, but I can not help but wonder if it really turned up this year?

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