Chronicle – In love with a wine

Picture of Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

Wine is so much more than numbers and points. I know that a large part of my own success is due to the fact that I, like Robert Parker, put an exact point on a wine where I strive for an objective truth within my personally subjective taste universe. Of course, my many years of testing experience, my talent and my burning passion is a low guarantees that my score assessment has a fairly large objective relevance.

I am still the first to point out that as little as you can objectively put scores on people or movies, you can certainly find a point that matches in all people’s individual taste universe. Taste is by definition highly individual and is influenced by genetics, culture and previous experiences in combination with the specific conditions of the drinking occasion. This is exactly what I have taken into account when I created the concept Champagne Hiking where the place, the company and the moment are optimized to cream out the maximum of each individual champagne.

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