Chronicle by Yoko Bubble ‘A Wish List from Champagne Growers’

Picture of Yoko Bubble

Yoko Bubble

We got this beautiful & thoughtful text from our Champagne friend Yoko Bubble.

Does an idea of a Champagne bottle on crystal clear ice get you thirsty & excited? But if a bottle gets too cold, all the complexity & delicate nuances will be lost & gone. And that is a sad situation for you, your customers & us, Champagne Growers. More often than not, it happens at tastings & dinner tables as the conversation gets going while bottles get too cold on ice… So, please do not overchill bottles. Also, please do not keep bottles in a fridge for an extended time as vibrations & light can cause damage.

Just like we say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, please do not judge Champagne by its dosage amount on a back label. Tiny numbers may give you some idea about what’s inside, but the dosage is all about balance & it’s determined by combinations of things like cépage, acidity level, MLF/no MLF, amount of reserve wine, time on lees, vinification, etc.

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