Chronicle by Yoko Bubble ‘A Wish List from Champagne Growers’

Yoko Bubble

Yoko Bubble

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We got this beautiful & thoughtful text from our Champagne friend Yoko Bubble.

Does an idea of a Champagne bottle on crystal clear ice get you thirsty & excited? But if a bottle gets too cold, all the complexity & delicate nuances will be lost & gone. And that is a sad situation for you, your customers & us, Champagne Growers. More often than not, it happens at tastings & dinner tables as the conversation gets going while bottles get too cold on ice… So, please do not overchill bottles. Also, please do not keep bottles in a fridge for an extended time as vibrations & light can cause damage.

Just like we say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, please do not judge Champagne by its dosage amount on a back label. Tiny numbers may give you some idea about what’s inside, but the dosage is all about balance & it’s determined by combinations of things like cépage, acidity level, MLF/no MLF, amount of reserve wine, time on lees, vinification, etc.

Champagne is a sensitive creature. So, please do not sell or serve bottles that have just landed from France or transported from a long distance because they often go through ”bottle shock” from the movement & temperature frustrations. If you could give them some rest in a quiet place until they are ready to show their best, that would be greatly appreciated.

We, humans, have good days & bad days. The same is true for Champagne. We do everything we can do to minimize bottle variations, but in reality, it happens because we do not make it like Coca-Cola in a big factory with machines & computers. Also, wine is a living thing that is constantly changing. Please give it a couple of chances as well as some air time to let it breathe before determining quality & style.

We work very hard to grow grapes & make them into each bottle of Champagne because we love & believe what we do. Some of us consider bottles we produce as our children while others view them as artworks. Please be kind & treat them with care. We do not have opportunities to thank you often, but we truly appreciate all the hard work handling & representing our wine as ambassadors.

With sincere thanks & love from Champagne vineyards,


YOKO ‘My name is Yoko & I am the creator of the book La Champagne, Le Champagne & Les Champenois. After spending more than 15 years in the wine industry working across retail sales in the US, wine judging in the UK, Japan & France, as well as working harvests & cellar jobs in Champagne & Mosel, I have discovered my heart belongs to grower Champagne or Champagne de Vignerons as French people say. My passion, besides learning & tasting in Champagne, is figuring out fun & approachable ways to communicate all things Champagne by doing things I love such as writing & drawing.’

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