Chronicle: A Trip to Greece

Picture of Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

A summers chronicle when Champagne expert Richard Juhlin went to Greece & contemplates about the sun, the people, the landscape & an champagnes.

Estimated reading time: 14 minutes

The best I know is a pleasure-oriented holiday combined with equally pleasurable work in Italy, France or Greece. Me and my oldest friend Henrik and our grown children had a fantastically successful trip in Italy last year and already decided when we got home to Arlanda about a repeat in Greece this summer. We’ve been traveling together since we were teenagers, but last year was the first time we traveled with our grown children without car-sick women and toddlers, which definitely increased the opportunities for a little more advanced debauchery.

Last year in Italy …

Last year we got off to a flying start and ended the first evening in Piazza Duomo in Milan celebrating the Italian European Championship gold together with thousands of euphoric Italians. A little strange to note that the same Italy, just like Sweden, unfortunately misses this winter’s criticized WC in Qatar. In Italy’s case after a loss against highly modest North Macedonia. After the intense big city experience, we found the harmonious calm in perhaps the Dolomites’ best oasis, Hotel Forestis. Unfortunately the weather was not really on our side when we tried to photograph a couple of Champagne Hikings in normally grand settings this time shrouded in dense fog. A couple of fantastic vinothéque vintages of Taittinger ‘Comtes de Champagne Rosé’ were still great experiences in the ultra-fresh air despite minimal visibility.

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