Champagne Legends Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

The Champagne house Pol Roger with one of the most well known adresses in the world of wines or simply “The most drinkable address in the World”. Rue Winston Churchill in Epernay where the office & HQ lies & the winery on Avenue de Champagne. Today family owned Champagne houses are rare, maybe You know such as Bollinger & Roederer. The Pol Roger family has not only made way in the Champagne industry by building an international brand, but has also made a celebration of the historical & political life in Champagne.


The Pol Roger family started its champagne production quite late. As you may know, the story of Champagne, as we know it, began after a royal decree, Arrêté royal, 25 May 1728 initiated by King Louis XV. In 1729, Champagne Ruinart became the first company to come under production followed by a few more négocians in the 1800s – by this time still still wines were preferred.

In the 1850s, when the Pol Roger family entered the champagne business, the champagne industry had started quite painlessly and smoothly after many innovations have evolved, such as new, thicker glass bottles, better control over the mixtures that combine yeast and sugar to build up the pressure inside the bottles: the so-called remuage and the dégorgement. Like the improved cork and sealing machines, the seal of the bottles made it easier to perform and 1844 with the development of moussoulette (the little metal tray) and agraffe (the metal wire holding the tray & cork in place). So far most of the transports have taken place by vessels on the rivers, but in 1850 the railway to Reims is opened but the electricity will only come to the region in 1900.

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