Champagne Legends – Comtes de Champagne

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Richard Juhlin

Comtes de Champagne may not be the most famous prestige champagne, but in my opinion there is no better. Just a glimpse of the corpulent bottle with the light yellow label makes me burst into an enjoyable smile. The story behind the mythical wine dates back to 1240 when Thibaud IV, the Count of Champagne brought with him young vines of Chardonnay from Cyprus that came to mean so much to Champagne.

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The name Comtes de Champagne is also linked to the residence of the champagne counts, which is today owned by the Taittinger family near the Cathedral of Reims. The Taittinger house has only borne its current name since it came into the family’s possession in 1936. The original name was Forneaux, which was founded as early as 1734. Comtes de Champagne is of course a pattern-blanc de blancs from the main villages of the Côte de Blancs. Super elegant Cramant, Avize, Oger, Mesnil, Chouilly are mixed with grapes from the company’s very old vines in Pierry which give the cuvée an extra weight and fullness.

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