Champagne Legend – Krug Clos d’Ambonnay

Picture of Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

Krug ‘Clos d’Ambonnay’ is without doubt one of the world’s best, most legendary and most exclusive single field vineyard champagnes – it just doesn’t get more legendary.

I think that the ‘Clos d’Ambonnay‘ is very reminiscent of the ordinary vintage and is astonishingly enough only marginally more full-bodied than the latter. A blanc de noirs with fantastic finesse far beyond all ungainliness. Its freshness and phenomenally long aftertaste are however the most striking things about this magnificent wine.

The bouquet is richly creamy with a hint of hazelnuts and brioche along with papaya preserves and mango. The flavour balances between fairytale mellowness and a freshness that is beautiful. A new world-class wine has been born. The vintage Krug is now in competition with the Clos wines, but if we go backward in time, this is without doubt the best champagne of them all.

A chance to drink a Krug is never to be missed!

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