Champagne Hiking – no 4. Silverskär – Åland [featured by Mondial]

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Richard Juhlin

Ever heard of the concept of ‘Champagne Hiking’? Richard Juhlin takes You on a wonderful journey round the world. Through the 100 most beautiful places in the world with the 100 most iconic & legendary Champagnes.

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The Åland Islands, Finland

Champagne: Veuve Clicquot ‘Cave Privée Rosé

Time: June to August.

If you are interested in champagne, you probably know that divers in 2010 discovered a previously unknown shipwreck in the southern outer archipelago of Åland. The cargo consisted in part of expensive champagne, which immediately spawned a media circus that forever placed the Åland Islands on the map.

It was decided that the champagne should be put up for auction, and the local government of Åland commissioned me to write a report which would guide them when handling the champagne. ‘The Juhlin Report‘ contained lots of advice concerning the law, marketing, archaeology and above all information on how the wine would react when brought up from the depth of sixty metres, and how the corks might dry out when the bottles reached dry land and were subjected to air. At any cost, we wanted to avoid the mistakes committed when champagne bottles were salvaged from the galleass Jönköping in the 1990s.

[read & listen to the full story by Richard Juhlin here] 

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