Champagne Hiking – no 2 Horsten – Sweden [featured by Mondial]

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Richard Juhlin

Ever heard of the concept of ‘Champagne Hiking’? Richard Juhlin takes You on a wonderful journey round the world. Through the 100 most beautiful places in the world with the 100 most iconic & legendary Champagnes.

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There is nothing that we Swedes are more proud of than the Stockholm archipelago. When the weather permits, this is a world-class oasis. Spread all over the Baltic are 24,000 islands, for vacationing city-dwellers to fight over. The inner archipelago is quite lush and green in the summer, but my favourite place, the difficult to reach Horsten, is located further out. Me and my good friend, bon vivant Crister, began the day by browsing Segers, Melanders, and Lisa Elmqvist in our wonderful market hall in Östermalm.

With a picnic basket filled to the brim and a host of different champagnes, the girls and we jumped into his unpleasantly fast RIB boat. We had waited for almost a month for the weather to be the perfect, but now we were finally on our way. We went slow, to begin with, and enjoyed coasting gently between islands and watch the lazy public life, the greenery and summer houses gingerbread work. When the sea got a bit rougher, and the wind increased we slipped into the astronaut looking outfits and held on as we reached 72 knots. Suddenly, there it was, emerging like a giant whale, our barren and windswept island with its vast and silky smooth rocks.

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