Champagne & Food: Cod & Blanc de Blancs

Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

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Sunday night finally! The week has been both long and packed. I find great pleasure in standing in the kitchen and preparing ingredients for the family dinner just on Sundays, in the borderland between afternoon and evening. You can stand in your own little world and let your thoughts flow freely around the past week and around the coming week.

Had gotten hold of some fine North Sea cod, thought it would be nice to make an ‘Oven-baked cod with lobster, zucchini and fennel in crown dill butter sauce’. A nice dish that chef Mattias Larsson cooked when we had a boys’ night a few years ago. The photo below was taken by the skilled food photographer Charlie Drevstam who was with us that evening.

baked cod, lobster, broad beans, zucchini, fennel, crown dill butter sauce

In the glass? 2002 Ruinart ‘Dom Ruinart’

TASTING NOTE ‘The toasted, slightly Charles Heidsieck-like and Dom Pérignon-like champagnes are today made by the wonderful Fred Panaiotïs. The chef in the Disney movie Ratatouille chanted “everyone can cook”. In Champagne 2002, I claim that everyone could make good wine. Anyone who failed with this naturally blessed vintage has nothing to do on the wine scene. Of course, 2002 Dom Ruinart is also a blessed creation where 72% come from Avize and Chouilly and 28% from Sillery and Puisieulx in Montagne de Reims. The wine is colossally young, but already completely harmonious. Everything is there in small portions that will increase in size with time. White flowers, citrus, coconut, butterscotch, nut cakes and stately mineral set the tone. Both the white and rosé version of Dom Ruinart can be among the most stunning wines in the world.


photo cred: Charlie Drevstam

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