Champagne & Food by Björnstierne | Chanterelle

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Harvest times are about berries, mushrooms, fruits, and autumn vegetables. The food and wine never taste as good as in August/September. The friends and colleagues you have not met during the summer gather around pots and glasses. And then there was the mushroom picking… Is autumn already here? NO, just kidding! But the chanterelles have arrived… Saturday morning, put on your Wellies, hop in the car and steer outside the city limits. In search of the beautiful and earthy mushrooms.

Abroad, mushrooms have long been hailed as one of the table’s greatest delicacies. For Italians and French, delicacies such as cep mushrooms and of course truffles are among the finest and most exclusive you can eat. And of course you enhance the culinary experience with wine. Nothing is more natural. Get out and pick the gold of the forest in woods and fields. Crown your gastronomic desire by drinking a rich pinot-based Champagne with that.

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