Book review: La Champagne, Le Champagne & Les Champenois

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Do you enjoy a glass of champagne? Have you ever wondered how it is made? This handwritten & hand illustrated book covers all things Champagne from its unique soils, grape growing, production process to food pairing ideas. Each page explores a wide range of topics presented to you by actual producers & experts as special guests. 

This year, Yoko Bubble have self published a handwritten/hand illustrated book called ‘La Champagne, Le Champagne & Les Champenois – A Handmade Book to Celebrate Handcrafted Champagne’ and she is currently working with some friends to publish an online magazine ‘Grower Champagne & Champagne Grower’. [you can follow their project here]


YOKO ‘My commute to Champagne started in 2015. I kept going back to the region because producers were teaching me things I had never learned in wine classes & books. I wished I knew those things so that I could have understood & appreciated champagne better a long time ago without confusion & struggle. I took notes as I learned & I learned a lot. This book is a summary of my handwritten notes with drawings to cover complicated topics & the work that goes behind to make each bottle of champagne. It also includes my favorite things such as tasting & food pairing because champagne is a lot more than just a glass to enjoy for special occasions.’

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