Book review ’Champagne Vintages 1899-2019’ Charles Curtis

Richard Juhlin

Richard Juhlin

Charles Curtis, the American with the European taste buds

I have known Charles for many years as we encountered each other several times when the leading producers lured us to Champagne to launch a new vintage. Above all, we became good friends when he was part of the champagne jury that I led during the Decanter World Wine Awards in London for several years.

Together with Rytis Jurkenas from Lithuania and my right hand in the Champagne Club, Björnstierne Antonson, Charles was always the most accurate taster. The trio complemented each other with quick analytical observations where Charles, despite his American origins, impressed with an extremely European taste with a sense of elegance and finesse. Something that in my eyes is a must if you are to judge the world’s most sublime wine. I have also been struck by his curiosity and diligence with the notepad and obvious attention to detail.

Nevertheless, I could not dream of anyone ever capturing so many details about each individual producer that Charles has succeeded in in his latest brilliant new book ‘Vintage Champagne’. I do not hope Charles disapproves, but I must admit that I immediately picked up valuable and perfectly reproduced details that I missed for my new book, ‘Champagne Magnum Opus’ and for my database in Champagne Club.

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